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EXISTANCE: 03.10.2007

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Nice nice nice

I'm quite proud of me today
Just a little food diary:

Breakfast: 50g curd cheese (low fat with a little honey)
Half of an egg
20g bread
1 cup black coffee

Supper: 150ml vegetable soup

Between: Black Coffee
25.1.09 17:29

Welcome back

For a long time nothing happened on this weblog, but now it's gonna change =)
I've got a new reason to post - for a second time by now. As I tried it several times before, I really really need to loose weight! Physically I'm not overweight. Anyway I need to change my diet thanks to the illnesses of my relatives. I don't want to suffer as thex do now cos they didn't care about their health many years ago - and it is going to be fatal!
My mother changed her mind last year and lost (unbelievable) around 20 kilos. I am so impressed! She's still overweight but looks much healthier...

At the moment I weigh around 68 kilos at a heigh with 165 centimetres. And it's too much for me! I was never fat like this and I absolutely hate it o.o

Until my next birthday on 3rd April I wanna loose at least 15 kilos. My destination is to reach 50...
And it's gonna be a lot of hard work cos I'm definitely NOT disciplined! I won't do any diets because I know perfectly well they do not work! I've got my own rules. I've got FDH xD
Or...EHOI...yes! EHOI sounds perfect!
It stands for: Eat Half Of It xD

Next point. Why am I writing in English? Answer: I dunno. Just wanna check if I'm able to do it after a few weeks back in good old Germany.

So. Today was the first day then. More or less o.o
I had Kirschwälder Schwarztorte for breakfast. I was forced to eat it! Gosh.
I never tried to be a Vegetarian, why should I? I love meat *-*
A friend of mine is a Veggie. I can't trust him. I don't understand him. He really does not eat ANY meat! Not even fish...
Can't be healthy, can it?

I can live without any red meat. That's not a problem but I would die if I couldn' get any white one or fish. So that's one part of my rules. Only one time per week I will be allowed to eat poultry and fish. Five days will be vegetarian. I bought LOADS of vegetables a few days ago and by now I've got my own part of our big freezer xD I really should be proud.

I'm not a fan of bread, such as "normal bread". I only eat wholemeal bread.

Anyway, here are my rules:

1. 3-4 EHOI meals per day (anytime)

2. Only 1 fish dish per week (fridays)

3. Only 1 poultry dish per week

4. Cupsoups are 1 meal!

5. No sweets on weekdays

6. No sweets on weekends

7. To drink only water or tea with sweeteners

8. Swimming twice a week

9. Walking one hour a day

10. Stay the course
1.1.09 00:00

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